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Every time Philipp and me need to book a hotel one of us will ask „On a scale from 1 to Schwarzschmied – what’s the hotel like?“

And it’s a legitimate question once you’ve experienced the relaxing way of life in the family-run hotel in Lana, South Tyrol. The moment you walk through the front doors it seems like you are already a bit more at ease with yourself and the world. There’s a certain vibe lingering in the air which makes you feel somewhat lighter.

The charm of the hotels interior lies in its homely aesthetic – it’s almost like they want you to move in (which I would!). The rooms are as cosy as it gets and with movable artwork on the shelves you can add your own personal touch by choosing the painting you want on display. And is it just me or are hotel blankets always more cuddly and squishy than any blanket you could have at home? The bed definitely made it more difficult to get up in the morning.

But then there’s the prospect of breakfast and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. In fact, every time we went to bed I wanted to fall asleep super quickly so that breakfast would arrive faster. Every morning there’s a plethora of homemade goodness: overnight oats, crunchy muesli, fig bread, chocolate hummus (which I devoured like a savage), pancakes. Should I continue or are you getting far too hungry already? No? Then just let me add fresh strawberries, buns, eggs, carrot and apple juice. Dear lord.

Now I’m hungry and I haven’t even started telling you about dinner.

So let’s distract our tummies by reading about what else you can do at Hotel Schwarzschmied:

A big outdoor pool invites you to cool down on a hot Summers day. Or if you can’t get enough of the South Tyrolean heat there’s also a sauna to help you sweat a little bit more. Or a wee gym. Your call. There are yoga sessions you can join to revel in that laidback atmosphere even more. And if you simply don’t want to be that active you could always grab a book from the table in the entrance hall, sit down and flick through its pages while enjoying a cold, homemade lemonade and indulging in a piece of cake.

Cake. That’s my food-cue. Because my favourite part about the Schwarzschmied is in fact dinner. So is your tummy ready for more food ramblings? I thought so.

I don’t know how they manage to come up with a superb four-course-menu every night, but the creativity of the kitchen staff truly is unmatched. Every evening I opened the menu with excitement, curious as to what my tastebuds would get to experience. And now pay attention my fellow plant-based friends: for every course there is always a vegan option. Always.

I really wish every restaurant, every hotel would put sustainability first like the Schwarzschmied does, especially when it comes to their menus.

So are you starting to see why we invented the „1 to Schwarzschmied“ scale? If you haven’t yet, I’ll let some more photos speak:

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